Today, economy and trade are highly dependent on transportation and shipping. It is simply impossible to do business without fast, reliable and efficient transportation of goods and cargo. At Bial-Mich, we focus on striking the perfect balance between safety and speed of transportation to make sure every order is completed to the highest standards.

Domestic and international forwarding

Our range of services includes every type of domestic and international forwarding, which is why we are open and ready to handle even the most unusual orders. We make the transportation of your cargo and goods fast, efficient and as safe as possible.

Our expertise in the industry enables us to quickly resolve any complications that may arise during transportation. This is the reason why our customers are always so satisfied. Our reliable multilingual team is perfect for longer international shipping operations.


Carriage of freight and cargo

We offer a broad range of freight and cargo transportation. As we handle all types of transportation, our customers can expect us to offer them professional service with every order. Planning all the necessary steps well in advance ensures that loading, transportation to the destination and unloading is always carried out at the agreed time and at an attractive fee.

Long-standing experience and cooperation with proven and reliable logistics and transportation companies warrants successful shipping within Poland and abroad. Our specialists’ high efficiency means that we always deliver on time – both in Poland and abroad.

Goods requiring deep-freezing need to be transported quickly and efficiently to their destination. Isothermal compartments guarantee constant optimal temperature of the cargo, which is crucial for foodstuffs or medical products.

Thanks to this, our refrigerated transports always arrive intact, at the agreed time.

As a professional customs agency, we provide services related to representation of entities and individuals importing and exporting goods before the Customs Office. Our team has professional customs agents who not only boast expertise in customs regulations, but also have extensive experience in the industry.

This guarantees speedy and professional customs service, saving you time, money and, above all, avoiding stress. You no longer have to worry about the formalities, let us take care of them for you!

Transporting ADR dangerous goods requires a great deal of driver attention and compliance with all safety standards. The transportation of gas, explosives, batteries, radioactive or corrosive materials can only be carried out in compliance with all ADR rules and regulations.

Our drivers have valid ADR certificates and many years of experience in transporting such goods. This guarantees safe, fast and efficient transportation of ADR dangerous goods.

We also offer intermodal transport services. It is characterised by utilisation of more than one mode of transportation, so when planning the route experience in logistics and shipping is of key importance. Our qualified specialists plan intermodal transportation in advance to make sure everything works seamlessly and to prevent any downtime.
If the dimensions or the weight of your cargo exceed the standards set by the Traffic Law Act, then oversize transport is the best solution for you. We boast extensive experience in oversize loads transport, not only domestically but also in international transport.

We know this type of transportation leaves no room for half-measures and compromises, so we treat every order with maximum attention. This is reflected in a perfectly planned route and delivery of cargo always within the agreed timeframe.

Canvas trailers are today one of the most popular ways to transport goods in both domestic and international forwarding. This is exactly why we offer this type of transportation, too.

Our experienced drivers, long-lasting experience and optimised delivery routes ensure that our customers are always satisfied with the speed and accuracy of the transportation service.

We can arrange railroad transports both in the European Union and to the countries of Eastern Europe and Asia such as Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Moldova, China. We offer the carriage of full container loads and less-than-container loads either as a door to door service or between warehouses, and also a network of consolidating warehouses as well as road-based distribution of FCL and LCL shipments in Poland and Europe within up to 48 hours.
Multimodal transportation is characterised by the fact that goods can change loading units during the transportation chain. This means reloading the goods to another unit when changing the means of transportation. Like intermodal transport, multimodal transport also requires careful and meticulous planning of the entire route, which is always supervised by our personnel.


Warehousing and cargo handling are the foundation of logistics and freight forwarding. Our company provides short-term and long-term warehousing services. Logistics outsourcing is all about flexibility and savings.

An investment in an in-house distribution centre requires much more money than a monthly cost of renting warehouse space. When it comes to warehousing and cargo handling services, simply trust our specialists!


Professional handling of international and domestic transportation

Time is money. We know from experience that forwarding and logistics are all about efficient transportation and getting all cargo and goods on time to their destination. Our team is a tight-knit team of specialists in transportation and all related sectors of the industry. This enables us to offer our customers shipping services that stand out with premium quality. We are committed to every order to ensure that the transport service is always efficient and fast.

We specialise in domestic and international transport. We work closely with the best people in the industry to provide our customers with premium quality services at a regular price. This is perfectly illustrated by the satisfaction of our business partners, who always come back for more services.

Full loading supervision

Strict loading supervision is the basis of professional logistics and forwarding. This is why we provide full loading supervision for every order. Supervision activities start with verification of key product information, as well as checking the data against documentation.

We carefully check the quantity of goods. Our specialists also carry out random inspections of the quality of goods, packaging and weight. This ensures that goods arrive at their destination that are fully compliant with the accompanying documentation.

To make this happen, our team carefully prepares the loading operation so that the goods are protected throughout the transportation until unloading. Strict supervision of the loading process ensures that the transport is always performed exactly for the goods whose forwarding has been ordered.

Qualified and experienced staff

Qualified and experienced staff is the foundation our company stands on. We know how important in logistics and shipping it is to have expertise in the industry and its various sectors. This is why we are constantly investing in the skills of our team to continuously improve the quality of our services. This enables us to offer domestic and international forwarding services, tailored individually to every client.

We pay great attention to the satisfaction of our customers, so as a customs agency we provide comprehensive international transportation services. With us, you no longer have to worry about all the paperwork or having your goods transported safe and fast. The world today relies on smooth international and domestic transportation, and we are aware of the importance of the quality of our services.

Fleet tailored to every cargo

Properly matched fleet to the cargo is half the equation. Our fleet includes of a variety of vehicles that are tailored to transport any type of goods. This enables us to offer every type of domestic and international transportation. Thanks to their invaluable experience and knowledge, our team can select the optimal type of transportation for a given order.


Canvas trailers are the most versatile vehicles in our fleet, as they work well for the vast majority of transportation orders. Our broad range of services provides our customers with excellent quality for transporting oversize goods or ones that require low temperature.

Our customs agency has a fleet that ensures maximum transport quality for any, even the most unusual, order. This is exactly why customers appreciate the services of Bial-Mich customs agency and return with more transportation orders time and time again.

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